Got a Droid

Friday I ran out and picked up one of the new Motorola Droids. So far So good. I’ll be updating the blog with cool things I find for it and sharing my experiances as I go.

Ubuntu 64 bit Flash and Skype links

Getting somethings to work in 64 bit can be annoying. There are tons of posts on how-tos and such, but I thought i’d toss up some quick links to help get things going:

Here is the link to get the Skype installer for 64bit, without having to do any hoop jumping. It just installs:

For Flash player 10 in 64bit, first run from term:
sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree

That’ll get rid of the busted 32bit version that gives you grey boxes everywhere. Then goto this link:

pull the file down, stick the file in the folder /home/username/.mozilla/plugins

Then just bump firefox and you’re all set.